FF Densifier

FF Densifier—Concrete Surface Hardener

FF Densifier is a clear silicate based liquid which provides several benefits like hardening, densification and sealing of Concrete surfaces. It is particularly effective and recommended for use in obtaining polished concrete finishes. Normally applied before the final polishing coats, the FF Densifier will make a perceptible difference to the strength and gloss of the polished surface. As the FF densifier has zero Volatile Organic Content, it environmentally friendly.


  1. FF Densifier has zero Volatile Organic Content, hence it environmentally friendly
  2. Greatly improved abrasion, impact resistance and life expectancy
  3. Protects against efflorescence
  4. Produces a dust free waterproof surface
  5. Single coat easy application
  6. Reduced chemical attack from hydrocarbons and other chemicals
  7. Long term performance
  8. Can be polished to produce high strength
  9. Can be used over FF Terrazzo and HardTop
  10. Treated surface can receive coatings


Surface hardening and Dust proofing of new and old concrete | Increasing abrasion and impact resistance | Polished concrete surface