Frequently asked questions ( FAQs)

The FreeForm products are all factory made with very standard quality procedures and care. All materials are carefully selected and rigorously tested for quality parameters. Best manufacturing processes like weighing batching in regularly calibrated plants, state of the art mixing facilities, calibrated bagging plants, etc. ensure very consistent quality.

Some of the key features that most of the FreeForm products offer are as follows:

  1. High Adhesion to the substrate- less chance of peeling off
  2. Slight flexibility in material- Lower cracks,  Possible to large panel sizes,
  3. Possible  to apply in lower thickness- environment friendly
  4. Water repellence- protection from moisture ingress, staining, high durability, easy to clean
  5. Lower dimensional shrinkage- fewer cracks in concrete
  6. The higher density of product: Better strengths, durability, Lower maintenance costs
  7. Efflorescence resistance, Better looks- Lower maintenance costs
  8. High consistency of the material
  9. Lower requirement for curing
  10. Lower rebound/wastage in wall material
  11. High workability: Higher productivity- fast completion of projects
  12. No contamination in raw materials.
  13. Extensively tested at factory level: Peace of mind

As always better quality usually affords much lower long term costs. Lower costs are realized generally in the following ways:

  1. Reduced labor costs on site
  2. Reduced Wastage on site
  3. Faster application rates possible for specialized works
  4. Faster completion of the site – Lower overhead costs on supervision/ Lower Finance costs
  5. Qualities and features not usually possible with conventional products
  6. Better aesthetics and durability of the material
  7. Lower chances of failure and reworks
  8. Better image and value of the Jobsite
Mostly standard good construction practices are sufficient. However, customers are expected to refer to installation notes or procedures provided by the company for most products.
The quality sands or aggregates available in the market are usually dependent on luck. It is difficult to predict to what extent the impurities, size grading, moisture content water content or in fact even the technical characteristics of the aggregates will be.
Oh yes! We love to provide site specific solutions. To that end,  we understand that it cannot be ‘one solution fits all’. All our manufacturing facilities are designed to have the flexibility to be able to provide site specific solutions. So please feel free to share more information with us about your sites and ask for solutions for specific designs or problems.
We have certified installers for many products and are currently happy to service the Western Part of India if need by taking up turnkey jobs. We are constantly trying to train and increase our base of certified installers across India. So do get in touch, we should be able to help.
Cracks in concrete based products are possible to reduce but may be unavoidable completely. Cracks are also dependent on many factors beyond the control of FreeForm, for e.g., coming from methods of construction, from structures, extreme temperature variance, etc.. That said, Freeform products are generally designed to resist cracking in multiple ways, by controlling the heat of hydration, by using good mixes, by shrinkage reducing aids, by use of expansive materials, etc., and will do a fair job of greatly reducing the occurrence of cracks if used properly.
Many Freeform products come with good curing aids built in. However extreme and fast drying conditions necessitate extra care- and in which case, it is always better to err on side of caution. So in fast drying conditions of open to sky applications in hot or windy weather, it is recommended to a. prevent fast drying out of used material and b. to continue some curing for 3-4 days after application
If certain products are recommended to be used along with a particular product, it means that they SHOULD be used. Products are all sold individually to afford flexibility and transparency to the customer- but these products are often a part of a ‘system’. If some component of a system is missing, some deficiencies in the results can be expected.
Regular good quality tools are sufficient. Materials being premixed can even by hand mixed for very small job sites. However, for large job sites, it is imperative to consider the use of good quality and appropriate mixing equipment.
Please refer to installation sheets on the website or ask. Some are always under development or being edited J.