ClearSeal—Protective Non-Film Forming Sealer

ClearSeal is applied as a transparent, invisible, non-film forming impregnation for enhanced resistance against oil, water, dirt and stain. General tendency towards staining of the surface is considerably reduced.

ClearSeal is chemically bonded to the concrete surface, thus giving a long lasting protection. Oil, water and stain forming liquids, like coffee, soft drinks etc. repel on the surface and can be easily removed, e.g. by using an absorptive tissue.

ClearSeal offers several important investment enhancing benefits as follows:

  1. Water and Oil repellence
  2. Practically no visible changes of the treated concrete surface
  3. Good stain resistance
  4. Prevents algae and moss formatio
  5. Improved cleanability for surface
  6. Reduces primary efflorescence
  7. UV stable and non yellowing
  8. Non hazardous during application and use
  9. Non hazardous during application and use
  10. Environment friendly
  11. Solvent free and hence non-carcinogenic


FreeForm ClearSeal can be used for slightly absorbent surfaces of concrete and stone.