AcrySeal—Sealer for Protection and Colour Enhancement

AcrySeal is a water based, transparent, film forming, colour enhancing and protective sealer coating material for floors and walls. It is used in the VYARA range of PremierShield protected products, and now offered to customers, in manageable pack sizes. Years of trials and experience has shown the AcrySeal to be among the finest transparent water based acrylic coats.

It is easy to apply, and UV resistant, making it ideal for exterior applications. AcrySeal offers several important investment enhancing benefits as follows

  1. Water and Oil repellence
  2. Colour enhancement
  3. Satin finish and shine
  4. Good stain resistance
  5. Prevents algae and moss formation
  6. Improved cleanability for surface
  7. Efflorescence preventer
  8. UV stable and non yellowing
  9. Non hazardous during application and use
  10. Film forming yet breathable
  11. Environment friendly
  12. Solvent free and hence non-carcinogenic


FreeForm AcrySeal can be used for slightly absorbent surfaces of concrete and stone.