Freeform offers a fine range of world class primers for the preparation of high quality surface finishes.

Though the primer itself is a layer never over 2 mm in thickness, it is a crucial consolidating, protecting and binding material between layers which cannot be overlooked at all.

The correct selection and the application of the primers is of utmost importance for the following reasons:

  1. Primers provide greater adhesion of levelling compounds/ final screeds to the base—This means, less chances of curling of panels and a more secure installation.
  2. Allows the overlayments to perform as intended—providing appropriate flow and best strength development.
  3. Absorbency Control—Proper priming provides good absorbency control to available floor and reduces chances of drying shrinkage of the top screed and enhances crack control.
  4. Improved performance by primer application will help against shock and chemical damage.


On existing flooring surfaces of cement, stone and ceramic | On dry or hardened screeds | Before layers before application of further overlayments | Where better adhesion is required for next layer | Where improvement of substrate or protection from substrate is required


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Primer Consolo

Consolidating Primer

Primer for softer concrete surfaces requiring consolidation. Acrylic resin based, ready to use.

Primer Uni

Universal Primer

Suitable for hard surfaces. Universal primer and adhesion promoter. Acrylic resin based, ready to use.

Primer HumiBlock PU

Primer for Absorbent Surfaces

Consolidating Primer that combats humidity, for the treatment of absorbent surfaces or floors including gypsum based, solvent free, PU based, ready to use single component.

Primer EP 01

Primer EP 01 is a high end 2 component Epoxy resin-based primer with following key properties:

  1. 100% Epoxy
  2. Solvent-free
  3. Good penetration
  4. Good stain resistance
  5. Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal
  6. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance