FF Dry Screed

FF Dry Screed for Base Levelling

The FF Dry Screed is an extremely important non-shrink type of base levelling material that helps smoothen out the imperfections of the substrate.

Use of the FF Dry Screed helps to

  1. Improve quality and strength of the flooring- This is relevant as level variations in base can easily lead to failures in topping materials.
  2. Save costs: Costs in construction of subsequent layers. For example, even when using sometimes very expensive adhesives, the cost can be saved by a good quality well levelled screed

The FF Dry Screed material can be supplied either as a single component ready to use material along with the aggregates, or only in the mortar form, for aggregates to be added locally.


On mother slab for levelling application | Before application of final overlayments.

Key Features


Lower Dimensional Shrinkage

Fewer cracks in concrete

High Strength

High durability | Low maintenance cost

High Workability

Fast completion of project

High Adhesion to Substrate

Less peeling off | High bonding

Low Requirement of Curing

Less supervision required at site

No Contamination

Better performance

Extensively Tested at Factory

Quality assurance for you

High Consistency of Material

Peace of mind