FF DuraFix Rapid plus Latex Uni

FF DuraFix Rapid + Latex Uni—Type 4 & Type C2TE S2 Tile and Stone Adhesive

FF DuraFix Rapid + Latex Uni is a premium 2 component thin set polymeric cement-based tiles fixing adhesive. It is classified as Type 4 as per IS 15477:2019 and Type C2TE S2 as per EN 12004-1:2017

It is recommended for use of both wall and floor tiling in interiors and exteriors for rapid hardening and drying applications and for special conditions, including those of

  1. Stones and tiles susceptible to staining- which require quick drying of substrates
  2. All applications requiring quick return to service with challenging materials or substrates like Engineered Stones/Composite marbles or large sized tiles, and substrates subject to heating, vibration, dimensional variations etc. or for tiles susceptible to chemical reactions.

The FF DuraFix Rapid + Latex Uni by Freeform is made using special additives, selected fillers and high-quality polymer resins for such special applications.


Can be used for all type of tiles on

Plastered Surfaces | Concrete | Light-weight Blocks | Plaster Board | Fibre Cement | Heated underfloor | Wood | Ply | Properly laid waterproofing membranes

Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. It is specially recommended for quick return to service applications and fast drying applications. Suitable surface preparation is required in many of above cases.

The addition of latex liquid instead of water prevents possible back staining on tiles. They also reduce the effect of chemical reactions, improve adhesion and flexibility to withstand expansion due to stress and differential movement.

Key Features


High Adhesion to Substrate

Less peeling off | High bonding

High Flexibility in Material

Less cracks | Large panel sizes

Thin Layer Application

Environment friendly

High Strength

High durability | Low maintenance cost

Lower Dimensional Shrinkage

Fewer cracks in concrete

High Consistency of Material

Peace of mind

Low Requirement of Curing

Less supervision required at site

High Workability

Fast completion of project

High Bonding

Better adhesion

Extensively Tested at Factory

Quality assurance for you