FF DuraFix D2

FF DuraFix D2—Type D2TE Dispersion Based Tile and Stone Adhesive

FF Durafix D2 is a premium quality dispersion based, ready to use thin set polymeric tiles fixing adhesive. It is classified as Type D2TE as per EN 12004-1:2017

It is recommended for use indoors in both dry areas as well as areas subject to intermittent wetting and drying- for e.g. kitchen, bathrooms. Its main USP is that it is extremely easy and ready to use. Suitable for tiles up to a maximum of 400*400 mm.

FF Durafix D2 is not recommended for exterior floors or in continuous immersion applications for e.g. Swimming pools or water or water tanks.


It can be used for fixing all tiles, stones and mosaics other than moisture sensitive tiles. It is suitable for use on most absorbent surfaces- but not on non-absorbent surfaces as the adhesive needs possibility to dry after application.

Key Features


Thin Layer Application

Environment friendly

High Flexibility in Material

Less cracks | Large panel sizes

Easy to Clean

Better looking surfaces

High Strength

High durability | Low maintenance cost

Lower Dimensional Shrinkage

Fewer cracks in concrete

High Consistency of Material

Peace of mind

Low Requirement of Curing

Less supervision required at site

High Workability

Fast completion of project

High Bonding

Better adhesion

Extensively Tested at Factory

Quality assurance for you