SuperSeal—Protective Glossy Sealer

SuperSeal is an extremely heavy-duty, stain resistant, new generation coating and sealing material for plain, textured or polished concrete surfaces and slightly absorbent stones.

  1. Easy to apply—with a cleaning mop, shorthair roller or by airless spray.
  2. Colour enhancement—Crystal clear wet look effect
  3. Excellent all-round protection from stains—Protection offered is comparable to high quality 2k PU systems (without the associated risks of blistering of surface)
  4. Good stain resistance to (under test conditions) water, waste oil, stain resistant to cleaning agents from Ph range 1 to 10, Ethanol, Diesel, household stainers like soft drinks, ketchup, coffee, mustard, olive oil, chewing gum etc.
  5. Excellent hardness and abrasion and scratch resistance—gives very high durability
  6. Excellent heat resistance—up to 300°C
  7. Very good adhesion to concrete floors
  8. Environment friendly—solvent and isocyanate free, odourless and non labelling
  9. Low VOC (~0,5%, 6g/l) (Directive 2010/75 EU)
  10. High Flash Point—not easily flammable
  11. Easy to repair after severe wear—Patching up on coating possible easily


Ideal for Concrete floor screeds | Concrete tiles | Terrazzo and MicroCement | All other concrete surfaces